Calcium Gluconate Ip/Bp/Usp

Calcium Gluconate Ip/Bp/Usp

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Calcium Gluconate Ip/Bp/Usp

Calcium Gluconate is an ideal source of Calcium, a vital ingredient for strong bone and teeth formation.

It also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat and transmission of nerve impulses.

It is available in two grades, oral & injectable. Calcium Gluconate is extensively used in the treatment of Calcium deficiency .

This product is known to be used in pharmaceutical applications.

Applications :
It is mainly used in medicine, food as a source of Calcium
Acts as a Calcium replenisher, anti-caking agent
As a source of Calcium in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
In Veterinary medicines for Hypocalcaemia state
Used in tinned food, pickles, jams to enrich Nutritional value, freshness and preservation.