Coco Di Ethanol Amide

Coco Di Ethanol Amide

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Coco Di Ethanol Amide

Coco die is soluble in water and is used in manufacture of liquid detergents. The Coco-diethanolamide is used as foam booster & viscosity builder in shampoo.

Coco-die is available in various packaging options that cater to the different requirements of end-users.

We offer Coco-diethanolamide in various specifications used across industries.


It is advantageously used in various cosmetics preparations namely shampoo, hair oils as a foam booster, stabilizer, thickening agent & wetting agent.

Other uses of coco-die are in textile scouring, leveling, cleaning, lubricating agents, metal anti-corrosives, pigments dispersant's and perfume carrier, latex stabilizer.

It is used as foam booster and viscosity builder in Shampoo. Coco-die is used as a foam booster for shampoos, additive in synthetic lubricants, viscosity modifier, conditioner, emulsifier, wetting agent, penetrate, dye dispersant scouring aid, anti stat, metal processing etc.