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Wheat Germ Oil Ph Eur

Wheat Germ Oil Ph Eur
Wheat Germ Oil Ph Eur
Product Code : EO 00028
Product Description
ProductWheat Germ Oil
IngredientsPure oil of Wheat Germs
CAS Number68917 -73-7, 8006-95-9
EINECS Number273-313-5
FEMA NumberNot available
INCI NameTriticum vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil
Botanical SourceTriticum vulgare
Synonyms       1. Wheat Germ embryos tocopherols
 2. Wheat Berry Oil
 3. Wheat Fruit Oil
 4. Wheat Extract Oil
 5.  Triticum sativum Oil
 6.   Vitamin E Oil 
 7. Triticum aestivum L
 8. Godhum Ankur Tel
 9. Godhuma Tel
 10. Omega 6 Oil
OriginIndia, US & Europe
ConsistencyTypical consistency of Carrier/ Fatty/ Base Oils.
AbsorbtionReadily absorbed in skin creating a barrier with satiny lusture.
Grades Available1.   Wheat germ Oil Ph. Eur. 7.0
 2. Wheat germ Oil Clear
 3. Wheat germ Oil Refined
 4. Wheat Germ Oil Unrefined
 5. Wheat Germ Oil Organic
 6. Wheat germ Oil Virgin
 7. Wheat Germ Oil Wildcrafted
 8. Wheat Germ Oil Cultivated
 9. Wheatgerm Oil IP/BP/USP/EP/JP/FCC
 10. Wheatgerm Oil Ayurvedic Grade
 11. Wheatgerm Oil Pharmaceutical Grade
 12. Wheat Germ Oil Cosmetic Grade
Part of Plant UsedGerms & Embryos
Extraction ProcessCold Pressed
CautionNatural Product, can be used directly on skin.
Residual SolventNone
AppearanceClear fluid liquid.
ColourClear colourless and Golden Yellow.
Smell, Odour, AromaMild characteristic odour.
TasteCharacteristic nutty flavour.
Specific gravity0.916 to 0.925
Refractive IndexAbout 1.475
Freezing PointAround 2°C
Acid ValueLess than 1 mg KOH/g oil
Peroxide ValueLess than 5
Unsaponifiable MatterLess than 1.5 
Saponification Value180 to 200
Iodine Value110 to 135
SolubilityPractically insoluble in water & alcohol, miscible with light petroleum.
Alkaline ImpuritiesComplies
Water/ MoistureLess than 0.1%
Insoluble ImpurityComplies
Anisidin ValueComplies
Totox ValueComplies
BrassicasterolMaximum 0.3%
ConstituentsPalmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Eicosenoic Acid
Total Plate CountsLess than 1000 cfu/gm
Total Yeast & MoldsLess than 100 cfu/gm
Total Heavy MetalsLess than 10 ppm
LeadLess than 1 ppm
ArsenicLess than 1 ppm
MercuryNot detected
Wheat Germ Oil is extracted from embryo or kernel of wheat by cold press method. Wheat Germ Oil is one of
the richest natural source of Vitamin E and is extensively used in skincare products. This vitamin E serves
as a powerful antioxidant that protects the wheat germ oil from becoming rancid too quickly. Vitamin E
is an antioxidant that can protect cell membranes, brain cells, and cholesterol molecules from free radical
damage. Vitamin E is also important for good liver detoxification, immune function, and blood glucose
control in both healthy and diabetic individuals.
This product is quite stable and non reactive.
Does not contain any toxic ingredients.
1. In well fitted container in cool and dark place with temperature around 25° C.
2. The drums should be kept closed when not in use.
The product have shelf life of 2 years when kept in standard storage conditions.
The lead time for dispatch is prompt for quantities upto 1000 kgs, for bigger 
quantities dispatch will be done within one week or as per schedule.
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